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Thousands of young people experiment with dangerous drugs every single day and although many teens will never use drugs again after their initial experimentation, many will follow a path of destruction that includes long-term drug and alcohol abuse. Those who continue to abuse drugs are likely to fall victim to physical or psychological drug dependence that requires professional help in order to stop. Adolescent drug rehab provides young people with specialized treatment that focuses on the unique needs of teens who are addicted to drugs.

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There is a growing need for adolescent treatment in today’s ever changing world. More and more drugs are being created and the number of children or teens who are using dangerous drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, prescription medications or synthetics is ever increasing. Teens are susceptible to the inherent dangers of illegal substances and risk long-term consequences as a result of drug abuse. Adolescent Drug Rehab provides free referrals, detailed guides and individual help for the parents, loved ones or teens who are ready to seek help for substance abuse.

Recognizing Adolescent Substance Abuse & Addiction

As a parent, it’s important to be on the lookout for teen substance abuse and addiction. Teens are good at hiding things but as drug abuse progresses and the physical or psychological elements of addiction begin to set in there is a greater chance that adults will recognize the patterns and behavioral changes. Here’s what every parent, school teacher, social worker or loved one of a young adult or teen should be on the lookout for:

  • dramatic changes in peer groups such as completely changing a circle of friends
  • changes in appearance such as completely changing clothing styles or no longer caring about appearance like they used to
  • suffering from physical illness more regularly
  • moodiness, agitations or extreme mood swings
  • talking in slang or using code words when talking with certain friends around others
  • acting angrily, hastily or otherwise upset if you ask questions about their friends, who they are hanging out with or what they are doing
  • breaking rules and showing little remorse even when punishment is involved
  • getting in trouble at school or outside of school such as legal trouble

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Teens and young adults suffer from drug addiction for very different reasons that are often in no way comparable to the reasons why adults become addicted. Peer pressure is a common problems that causes teens to use drugs as are issues related to self-images, self-esteem and self-confidence. Teens are also susceptible to using drugs to escape problems at home or to cope with the pressures that are unique to teens such as changing hormones, pressure associated with choosing a career or getting into college, or for athletic purposes.