For Parents

Happy teens after rehabTeens are susceptible to the dangers of prescription drugs, synthetic drugs and a range of illegal substances that are found online and on the streets. Parents must be on the lookout for the potential cues that their teen is using drugs and should be prepared to seek professional help should the need arise. During the earliest stages of drug abuse, teens may show very few signs but as time progresses, parents should make no mistake in recognizing the need for help and seeking immediate assistance.

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Recognizing Teen Addiction

Parents are the ones who ultimately determine when a teen needs help and, although a vital process, this can be a very challenging process. No parent wants to admit that they cannot help their child nor does any parent want to admit that their teen is addicted to drugs. Recognizing the signs of teen addiction early can provide a step up when it comes to seeking help. The earlier parents recognize teen addiction, the better the chances are for recovery without relapse.

Some of the signs of teen addiction that parents should pay close attention to include:

  • changes in appearance or neglecting appearance
  • mood swings (these will be more than just hormonal mood swings)
  • showing signs of illness or sickness that lasts a few days and are followed by days of being alright
  • having problems at school when school problems are not typically an issue
  • getting into legal trouble such as for shoplifting, breaking into a home or being caught with drugs
  • difficulty keeping grades up or having trouble keeping a job
  • breaking the rules even though the consequences and punishment is known
  • being very protective of privacy and getting overly upset when privacy is intruded upon

Finding Help

If your teen is showing any of the above signs of addiction it’s time to find help. Parents must make the decision to seek counseling and therapy for their children when addiction is a concern. Ignoring the situation will not make it go away nor will it help the young individual. Taking appropriate measures to find help when addiction is a problem in a young person’s life can make the difference between whether a teen struggles with lifelong problems associated with addiction or whether the young adult learns early on how to control stress, cope with trauma and get past the triggers that cause them to abuse drugs.

As parents, finding help can be difficult. Adolescent Drug Rehab provides free referrals for parents to get help for their teens. Professional help is locally available to assist young adults in making a full, lasting recovery from addiction. We can help you find a counselor or therapist who can provide effective support and treatment for your teen to get well.

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