Recognizing Teen Addiction

Questions About Teen Addiction

teens who recovered from addictionThe first question parents often ask about their teen’s addiction might be this: Why would my child feel the need to use a potentially addictive drug or alcohol?

Perhaps the most common reason would be curiosity, coupled with the knowledge that others are doing it, and the drug seems to convey some benefits to the user. For example, perhaps the drug seems to enhance athletic ability, or the alcohol helps a person ‘unwind’ socially. Anxiety is a very distressing factor in dealing with the many challenges in daily life, and a particular drug may ease some of that.

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Many persons can use drugs recreationally or for boosts in mood factors, and never become addicted. However, it really is of little importance as to how often a drug or alcohol is consumed, or even how much of it. The key to drug addiction recognition is: what are the consequences of my drug or alcohol use? Have my grades in school gone south? Do I find myself secretive, lying, revolving my life around the pivotal moment, i.e., the drug or alcohol high?

Help to Stop the Addiction

An addiction is just that….addiction. That means the body now craves the drug or alcohol consumed. People are often ashamed of addictions, and wish to resolve the problem alone. This is a method proven to have some serious drawbacks. It is better to get help and accountability from a counselor or group setting in a professional environment.  In many cases, seeking professional help can lead to a more rapid recovery with fewer instances of relapse.

 Treatment Options when Teen Addiction is Recognized

Treatment facilities assist individuals to learn and practice life-coping skills in a safe, supportive environment. Facilities will have various highlights, designed to better aid specific individuals. For example, a facility might be gender-specific. That is, they will treat males or females with a program designed to address common factors or co-behaviors in keeping with male or female addictions.

People who are seriously addicted may feel that they have ‘become another person.’ Holistic treatment centers attempt to address restoration of the ‘authentic person’,thereby restoring dignity and empowering the individual.

The treatment center may have a Christian focus. This type of recovery program concentrates upon cultivation of mindfulness and spirituality for core behavioral benefits. For teens, Christian treatment can help the adolescent to become spiritually grounded which makes for an improved quality of life in the future.

Teen recovery centers will sometimes include therapeutic schools to allow students to continue academic advancement while in recovery for alcohol or drug addictions. It is important to realize the necessity of addressing addictions at this highly significant, formative age. Parents who recognize teen addiction early on and take the steps to get their child help can expect greater successes in the rehabilitation process than those who wait to seek treatment.

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