Day School

day school for teensDay School Treatment is a way that kids can be helped with alcohol or drug addiction without having to do courses at night or be taken away from home for a long period of time. There are all sorts of different ways that recovery programs can work for teens who need help, and one of those is a sort of school that they can go to during the day, (this generally means that they will not be attending normal schooling during this time, or should be home-schooled or attuned to online school so that they can keep up if you or they so desire). Some people don’t actually realize it, but there are also a lot of support groups or rehab classes that can be taken in larger, public schools.

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Day School Treatment does not always refer to enrolling your child in a youth rehab program that is outside of school. The ones that are in schools are actually very easy to get in to, generally paid for, and can be a great way for your teen to make new friends struggling with the same issues. A lot of the time drinking and drug abuse can be a result of peer pressure, (especially in such a delicate stage of their life). By making new friends that they can relate to and talk to if they so feel, (as sometimes teens are not interested in sharing details of their lives with their parents), this is a way for them to cope and push each other to do better.

On the other hand, if you are looking at a day school that is not part of your child’s normal schooling, you will find a little bit more difficult to balance everything accordingly. Generally you can get waivers for not being in school, (if your teen takes the ‘course’ during the school year). If there is trouble doing so, home-schooling and online school are both great options as well. Summer classes are also a great option for those who want to be helped, are somewhat close to the school year, and do not need a long, drawn out treatment cycle. Most teens do not necessarily need any sort of high level class, as the drugs or alcohol they are introduced to at that age is usually less severe and can be handled rather quickly.

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