Outpatient Counseling

outpatient counseling for teensToday’s youth are faced with social pressures. A common debilitating problem youth face, is when they become involved with drugs and alcohol. This problem is compounded when they don’t have a supportive social or family system. An underlying mental illness also complicates substance abuse issues. This article will look at drug and alcohol addiction treatments that are available for today’s youth.

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Outpatient Treatment

Treatment is only successful if the client is motivated to change. Once they are, Outpatient Counseling for Youth is advisable. A team of professionals are seen in an outpatient setting. The team may include: psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers and substance abuse counselors. Each profession looks at a different aspect of the illness and offers methods to help the youth.

Social Support

Parents and family are a key component of treatment for adolescents. It is vital to determine if the parents or other family members also have a substance abuse problem. If so, they need a separate treatment program. Additionally, all alcohol and prescription medications need to be taken out of the youth’s home. There should be no access to these inside or outside of the family.

Socially, the client’s peer group is an important part of substance abuse remission. If they run with other abusers, the lure to use can be too strong to resist. Avoid temptations by connecting with groups of students who are substance free.

Support groups, such as Alateen are vital. Groups provide a safe place to discuss urges about using and get support not to. Coping methods are taught to help replace using with healthy behaviors.

Mental Health Treatment

Once the substance abuse is resolved, any mental health issues can be treated. Often depression and anxiety are an underlying diagnosis that perpetuate using. Once the mental illness is treated, youth feel better about themselves and feel more calm. Diagnosis such as bipolar disorder, social phobia, generalized anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder and other disorders appear in conjunction with substance and alcohol dependence. Treating these disorders often requires prescription medication to alleviate symptoms.

Substance abuse is an issue with youth. Treatment options are available and offer success. Getting youth connected with appropriate services, as soon as possible, helps them recover quicker.

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