Residential Treatment

residential rehab for teens & young adultsWith the rise in youth drug and alcohol use, the need for residential treatment for youth has also risen. This is an intense treatment where the youth will live at the facility for 60-90 days. In this type of environment, the youth will be able to focus on recovery without being distracted by outside influences so that he or she will be able to build a strong foundation before heading back into the “real world”. This intense method increases the success of treatment.

Options for Residential Treatment for Youth

Though it may be difficult for both the youth and the parents to have an adolescence admitted into a residential treatment program, it is often the best choice because it is the most effective. There are a variety of components to the treatment that work together to increase the chance of success. These are some of the components:

  • Home-like setting
  • Counseling
  • Alcohol and drug education
  • Structure
  • Family support
  • Peer group counseling
  • Detoxing
  • Medical care
  • Mental health care

To pay for this type of treatment some families must rely on state funds or insurance. For others who may find it difficult to afford residential treatment, there are facilities that have fees that are based on a sliding scale, so it can be affordable to more families.

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Typical Treatment Facility

Each facility will have its own daily schedule that will balance recovery, counseling, education, and free time for its residents. Life skills are often included because many youth do not have the opportunity to learn these skill on their own. Before a treatment plan can be started there will be an assessment of the youth. This can include interviews with family, friends, educators, and counselors to get a complete picture of an adolescence’s life and the accompanying problems. With this information a plan will be formed to best meet the needs of the individual and his or her family so that the risk of returning to drug and alcohol will be reduced. Most of the day will be filled with classes, meetings, and counseling to learn how to handle life without alcohol and drugs.

Residential treatment for youth who have serious substance abuse problems will reduce the chances of them becoming adults with a serious drug or alcohol problem.

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